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A celebrity hairstyle guide with an image of Natacha Rambova

A glamorous photo of Natacha Rambova

Photograph of Natacha Rambova and Rudolph Valentino

Alla Nazimova and Rudolph Valentino, Camille (1921). Natacha Rambova's set and costume designs, inspired by Art Deco and other contemporary art movements, demonstrate a singular vision while maintaining a feminine sensibility. 

A two-panel costume design by Natacha Rambova

Nell Brinkley's suggestive illustration of a woman and a jaguar.

An advertisement for curls like Nell Brinkley

An announcement of a new feature from the Editor of Ladies Home Journal, c. 1910. This serial narrative would detail the life of an ordinary young woman who moves to New York City. It is a cautionary tale that even describes the young woman's assault…

This is a narrative advertisement for a booklet called “Making Beautiful Clothes” from the Women’s Institute. Before Ann learned to make clothes, she was unwilling to join parties in last year's dress. She couldn’t afford store-bought clothes, but…

Whether a family bought or made their own clothing at the end of the 19th century depended very much on class. Gordon says, “even for middle class, clothing was primarily made at home” (Gordon 43). Magazines made advertisements for fashions…
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